Citypedia is a professional home service App, it serves the multiple purposes of connecting people with preferred home service professionals. It users are housewives, bachelors, students, businessmen etc.

The Big Idea

To kick the project off, It was paramount to understand the business goal and users’ needs so I decided to spend sometimes with the client, asked him a couple of questions, my intention was to gather information that could help in making decisions during design thinking. The conversation with the client was greatly helpful.

Business goal was a great ambition of closing the gap between people and services expertise in different field of life such as repair, cleaning, gardening, catering services etc, to help us get house works that seem like a big problem done in no time. My goal was to bring this ambition to life as well as creating a simple and usable product that extremely meets the needs of the users.

Survey questionnaire seemed to be the quickest research option to get users’ data and viable information conducted, came up with 10 survey questions and got feedback followed by one on one conversation with a user. The information gathered here was used to create a user persona and empathy map.

Survey Charts, User Persona, Paper Sketches, Design System and Custom Icons

I sketched out the user flow for prioritising and I drew out the possible screens after which I moved onto wireframe then did a prototype for quick testing, I made some iterations based on the feedback to improve on the designs and it was good progress which led to the next.