UX / UI designer and product designer who has experience in providing a brilliant solution to users’ challenges, my involvement in visual design and brand strategy make a competitive approach crucial. Besides being aware of the latest trends in design and innovations, I am also an admirer of AI, photography and travel.

I am passionate about the complexities and concerns of users, I look forward to building career successes that leverage social psychology knowledge and understanding what influences human behaviour, thoughts and feelings. While remaining in line with the latest design tools, continuous professional development and training.

I recently obtained a User Research certification and am currently taking a course in Psychology of Interaction Design and Adoption & Appropriation: Getting your Product Used.

Acknowledging and understanding what’s going on in my environment as well as the people, I listen to them and share in their worries so that I can empathize with them and render help in a way I can.

I believe in reading and practicing because it makes it possible for me to convey my ideas more precisely and to contribute strategically.